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“When I look around my new kitchen I like my Brew Master built-in coffee maker the best! No having to add water and it takes up no space on the counter – also makes good coffee…doesn’t get any better.”- Amazon customer (Happy Camper)

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“Not only is the Brew Express ergonomically correct and fool-proof, the daily chore of filling a coffee maker with water has forever been eliminated. Simply brilliant!”

~Stuart & Dena B., FL

What Are Customers Are Saying

We bought this coffee maker when we remodeled our kitchen a few months back. Only thing this coffee maker can’t do is add the coffee. We love it and it doesn’t take up counter space. Carafe keeps coffee hot for hours and is very durable. It fits between the wall studs so there’s no need to make a huge hole that has to be patched. If you can get water and electricity to it, your set. ~ Lowes Customer

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