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What Are Customers Are Saying

We bought this coffee maker when we remodeled our kitchen a few months back. Only thing this coffee maker can’t do is add the coffee. We love it and it doesn’t take up counter space. Carafe keeps coffee hot for hours and is very durable. It fits between the wall studs so there’s no need to make a huge hole that has to be patched. If you can get water and electricity to it, your set. ~ Lowes Customer

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What would Monday mornings be like without a cup of coffee? We’d rather not know. Americans have been hooked on this caffeinated concoction since colonial times; the drink skyrocketed in popularity after the Boston Tea Party in 1773, and we haven’t looked back since.

There are approximately 100 million daily coffee drinkers in the United States, and the average coffee drinker consumers 3.1 cups of coffee daily. A recent survey found that American workers spend about $20 per week on coffee (totaling more than $1000 a year), and America spends $4 billion importing coffee each year. It is the second most traded commodity after oil.

Want to find out how coffee was discovered, or how much the world’s most expensive brew costs? Check out the slideshow above to learn more about this morning pick-me-up.

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Builders Offer!

Now available direct to builders, Brew Express built-in coffee system. Builders…Designers…Remodelers…any business involved in the construction or remodeling of new homes, you need to know about the revolutionary all-in-one built in coffee system, the Brew Express. The Brew Express can offer you and your customer’s cutting edge design and innovation for your next project at an affordable builder price.

Brew Express not only makes great coffee, but also provides endless benefits to the homeowner including the obvious saving of precious counter space they would otherwise lose. But perhaps the biggest benefit is that since the Brew Express is plumbed directly into the kitchens water supply, users never have to add water again to make not only coffee but most any hot beverage such as tea, hot chocolate or instant soups.

Homeowners absolutely love the fact that the Brew Express takes the place of a teakettle and their old messy, disposable coffee maker and cooks get excited about using it as an instant hot for their recipes and this is what makes the Brew Express more than just a coffee maker…think kitchen system.

Plus, when it comes to plan a new kitchen or remodel, you’ll appreciate the fact that the Brew Express is designed from the ground up to allow many. many placement and design options.
The Brew Express system can be easily installed into the wall of a new or existing home or office. Installation is a snap for your subcontractors and is also easily within the reach of do it yourselfers. A full manual is included and a step by step video for do it yourselfers is available online.

Built-In Coffee Maker

Everyday making coffee can be a daily mess for many households. Consumers have been struggling with having to fill their coffee maker with water and it seems to be a task no one likes. Ice makers are like automatic coffee makers, because they self-fill with water. Most automatic coffee makers are only available in commercial coffee makers that are very large and very expensive. The Brew Express coffee maker offers a built-in coffee maker that self-fills, and gives the consumers ultimate convenience. Brew Express allows the consumer to enjoy brewing options for making a single cup, half carafe, or full carafe of coffee. The consumer no longer need to buy individual single cup coffee maker and a 10 cup coffee maker, because Brew Express gives the user the option to make coffee by the cup or the carafe in one machine. Because Brew Express is built-in, it is a space-saving coffee maker. There are many coffee maker reviews available, but Brew Express is a commercially tested thermal coffee maker that provides the consumer with multiple ways to make their favorite hot beverage. Brew Express has received multiple reviews, and consumers can enjoy the best cup of coffee all at the “push of a button”. Now consumers can enjoy a clutter free counter-top, and use one product for making tea, making hot chocolate, or any other hot beverage including their favorite hot coffee. Enjoy your coffee or hot beverage at the push of button. No more adding water. Couple is happy to gain counter space, and the husband never makes a water mess again! Life Made Simple by Brew Express.